A new brand vision

In July, FFA Real Estate’s Ahlam development launched its website and media campaign featuring its new visual branding, designed by New York-based bespoke design agency Ludique. According to Daniel Korkhov, creative director of Ludique, while researching the historic and cultural background of the land and the valley in which Ahlam is set, his goal was to define the three founding elements that make it special: the afternoon sun, the fertile land and the mountain range. The result is something more than a logo, and decidedly distinct in its power. Korkhov sees it as an emblem that not only communicates the project’s core elements, but also that connects with the true aspirations of the Lebanese. “To us Lebanon is where everyone desires change and I believe that the events of recent weeks speak volumes on this particular notion,” Korkhov said. “We therefore focused on how we could communicate that deeply rooted need for better living and in some ways speak on behalf of those mothers and family members that want to see their children grow up around the fundamental yet elemental values that make us human. When we were first briefed on Ahlam, we felt that there was a sense of urgency and desire to provide a sort of community that will trigger positive social change from within.”

The uniqueness of the emblem lies not only in its impactful graphics but also in its color palette, which consists of two main shades – a light, pearly green with an earthly purple as the secondary color – and matt gold for accents. The specific green used is something that Korkhov believes Ahlam will eventually own as its own color, meaning that in future years the audience will subconsciously associate this shade purely with Ahlam. Certainly, another powerful aspect of the emblem is its timeless simplicity, which makes it a symbol not only for now but the future, too. As Korkhov said: “I believe that this emblem will live to see your children grow up into adults and stand for the things in life that are important not only today but for generations to come. I also think that the success of an emblem or a vision depends on the endurance of people telling the story. We need to spread the good will and good intentions so that our future generations can be better predisposed to the global changes and challenges that await in the not too distant future.”